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New Mac Trojan on the Prowl

Dec 17, 2009

According to Symantec, they have discovered a file-deleting “Trojan” targeting Mac users.

The Trojan is disguised as a  Apple Mac space invaders game that deletes files from the host system’s hard drive as the price of zapping aliens.

Symantec has created a video of the game’s behavior and posted it on YouTube. In the demo, the game is clearly shown to delete files from the Mac user’s home folder, starting with doc files and moving on to preference files. Each alien “killed” in the game destroys a single file.

Don’t fret, getting the file on to a Mac would require a deliberate act as it is not distributed using any subterfuge, yet. IN other words, you have to download it & play it for your Mac to be infected.  The author of game actually informs people on his website that the game deletes files, however there’s nothing stopping someone with more malicious intentions from modifying it and passing it on to unsuspecting users.

How To Protect Your Mac:

Please make sure that your MAC is protected with a form of malware/spyware protection. Contact MTI for assistance in locating & installing compatible software.


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