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New Virus Alert!

Jun 30, 2009

A New virus threat is on the prowl.

There is limited information about the latest offshoot of the Conficker attack.

AVG, Symantec and other virus definitions are in the process of releasing fixes/updates for this new virus.

What it does: The recent virus attacks your system and utilizes logs to view other user names that have logged onto the machine, then using a database of passwords the virus attempts to log onto the machine

Issues that can occur:  In an attempt to login to the system the virus floods the PC with password attempts, thus far this causes the each user account it tries to be locked out of the system.  It does attempt to do this on the administrator account; however at this time has not been able to affect it from our experience

Symptoms to look for:  loss of network connectivity (loss of ability to connect to shared drives, internet etc), loss of program functionality, inability to log onto system with username/password, inability to go to microsoft.com, blocks updates

Actions MTI strongly recommends you take:  if you notice any of the above symptoms immediately unplug your computer from the network to help minimize the spread of the virus:  If you are connected wirelessly turn off wireless capabilities on your system, if you are connected via network cable unplug the cable.  Immediately contact MTI 480-812-0489


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