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Windows 7 & XP Mode

Jun 3, 2009

What is XP Mode:

Windows  XP Mode was designed to integrate XP with Windows 7 so that you can still run XP-based applications even if you upgrade to Windows 7.  In fact XP will launch inside its own window inside of Windows 7.  You will be running an actual copy of the XP operating system. you can copy and paste between any window inside XP and any window in Windows 7. The Windows clipboard is shared between the two. You can also use the printer attached to your Windows 7 machine, as long as you install the proper driver inside XP.

The downfall?

Your PC may not be able to handle Windows XP mode.  XP Mode requires that your CPU be capable of hardware virtualization. Hardware virtualization consolidates multiple environments into a single PC. Many PC’s on the market currently DO NOT have this feature built in.

How do you determine if you have the technology capable of using XP mode?

Contact MTI Tech Solutions, we have several utilities that we can utilize to determine whether your PC , specifically your processor supports hardware virtualization.


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