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Password Management

Dec 3, 2010

Password management has long been one of the most crucial and most complicated tricks to safely and securely pull off.There are many useful applications that can help you manage all your passwords in a centralized and secure location. Typically, password management software has local files or databases that house the encrypted password data.

Password managers come in three basic flavors:

  • Desktop – desktop software storing passwords on a computer hard drive.
  • Portable – portable software storing passwords and program on a mobile device, such as a PDA, smart phone or as a USB aka thumb-drive.
  • Web based – Online password manager where passwords are stored on a provider’s website.

The advantages of online password managers over desktop-based versions are portability (they can generally be used on any computer with a web browser and a network connection, without having to install software), and a reduced risk of losing passwords through theft from or damage to a single PC.

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