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MAC Security Threat

Dec 4, 2010

Are you a MAC user? Do you browse social networking sites regularly? If so, you might be susceptible to the Koobface Trojan worm.

Using an “Is this you in this video?” link on Facebook, Twitter and other social media as the lure, the infection starts with a Java applet downloading remote malware that sets itself to run automatically at startup. It then hijacks the user’s email software in order to spam further links, and modifies the system’s password settings. From the point of infection, the Mac can be remotely monitored and any files on it are at risk of being stolen.

These attacks are significant enough to warrant users to invest in an anti-virus. To be clear, such security  threats relate only to Apple desktop and laptop computers , not iPads of iPhones, which are only vulnerable if they have been ‘jailbroken’ or if, somehow, a rogue app breaks through the approval process.


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