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Slow PC?

Dec 5, 2010

Suffering from a slow pc? Although you cant always determine what’s slowing down the pc with a few simple clicks, at least you can take steps towards locating and solving the problem.

1) Scan for malware. A program that means you no good just might be the culprit. If your PC is mass-mailing spam or taking part in some other evil activity without your knowledge, that could slow it down.

2) Look for a hog process. A process is a program or an independent piece of a program, and any time you’re running Windows, you’re running a lot of them. A big, fat, slow one could be hogging all of the resources and slowing everything down.

3) Remove autoloaders. Most PCs have too many programs that load automatically with every boot. (In fact, most PCs leave the factory with too many such programs.) Each one of these slows your PC and may cause conflicts.

4) Take notes. If the above advice doesn’t solve the problem, keep a pad of paper and a pen near your PC. When it slows, write down what applications are running and what you were doing when the problems start. After a while, you may figure out what program or practice is to blame or give your MTI technician a starting point.

5) Upgrade your hardware. If your PC is just too slow for the work you need–or want–to do on it, maybe you need an investment. And no, you don’t have to buy a brand spanking new computer. Adding RAM will give you the most speed for the fewest dollars( if your PC is compatible.)

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