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Phishers Now Target Facebook

Mar 6, 2009

Nowadays it seems as though no social networking site is safe from the havoc spammers intend to inflict on unsuspecting users. Beware of the new third- party application launched by hackers for Facebook.com user.. This application is designed to the user’s login credentials.

The Facebook-closingdown!!! application sends a fake email to the user claiming they have been reported “for violating our Terms of Service”. The message continues warning that this is your ” offical warning!-” Click here to find out why you were reported.

Any user who click on link will give the hackers instant access to their profile and personal information. It will also foward the fake message to each of the user’s friends spreading the hoax.

Fackebook has since removed the application, but there are reports that similar applications like “My Account” and “Reported For Rule Breaking”; are currently circulating the popular networking site.

Network with caution!


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