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Beware of Malware, Even On Your Mac PC

Mar 28, 2009

Mac’s supposed invulnerability to malware and spyware attacks is quite deceptive. Macs increasing popularity has casued spammers worldwide to up the anty and produce malware, viruses and spam for the MAC platform.

Just like the Windows Platform, Mac’s are subject to all types of security issues. They require security updates, though not as often, just like Windows. These updates are carried out through  the operating system ‘apple software update’ and are automatic unless you choose to turn it off manually. For virus scanning,  AVG and Norton/Symantec have created  Mac antivirus software. The more important aspect of Macintosh/Apple operating systems is to keep the file system defragmented properly. There are several options available to you in order to keep your MAC up-to-date.

If your Mac is used in a business production environment, if you have private files, or if you just want to be at peace knowing that your Mac is as secure as you can make it?  Contact MTI Tech Solutions today to discuss your options !


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