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Confiker Virus: A not so funny April Fools Joke

Mar 30, 2009

On April 1st 2009, the Confiker Virus is set to launch. The virus was designed to remain hidden on a PC’s operating system and lay dormant until April 1st at which point in time it will run code that can potentially kill security software and link other infected PCs together to do the creators bidding.

The Evolution of Confiker:

Last November, a small, unsuccessful worm was released with the same intentions as Confiker but was easily correct by a Microsoft patch. In December, the worm dubbed  ”B release“  was launched;  it was much more detrimental to PCs.  B release set up peer to peer communication on PCs and would force itself into shared and network drives.  It was also known to add itself to USB flash drives, infecting the PCs that connected to the drive. Similar to Confiker, B release would disable security software, windows updates, and implant itself deep into the Windows System.

Last month, the C variant was released. The C variant did an even better job of stopping security software and had a more powerful p2p (peer to peer) engine that used digital coding to connect it to other infected PCs, in essence it created a massive supercomputer out of the millions of infected PCs.

On April 1st all the dormant variants of this Virus will become active.  Any PCs and/or Servers that do not have the latest patches, up to date virus and spyware protection are at tremendous risk of this infection.  MTI It is recommends that all PCs and servers receive the lastest updates and virus definitions prior to April 1st.


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