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XP to Windows 7, Will The Jump Be Complicated?

Apr 6, 2009

Windows 7, Microsoft’s newest OS, is slated to release later this year or early in 2010. Many PC users who make the jump will be upgrading from Windows XP; this means having to do a clean install all your application, preferences and data will have to be reinstalled on your machine once the Windows 7 OS is in place.

This will entail more “work” i.e. backing up your dating, erasing XP and installing Windows 7, however a clean install is not necessarily a bad thing. Any viruses, registry error or other performance flaws will not be carried over into Windows 7.

Plan on making the jump from Vista?

An in-place upgrade will be available for PC users making the jump from Vista and will preserve your applications & preferences. However, MTI Tech Solutions recommends a clean install even for Vista users to avoid the “performance flaws” that could be carried over from Vista.

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