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Protect Your System Against the Pains of Holiday Shopping

Nov 25, 2015

Mouse CartDuring the holiday season, there is a heightened amount of online shopping and information-sharing. We login to multiple websites, providing login credentials, credit card information, shipping information, and other personal material that would be extremely dangerous in the hands or eyes of untrusted cybercriminals.

According to “The State of Security”, an online blog for IT and computer security, “The number one reason to click is trust in a brand, which isn’t good; Shoppers need to look beyond the facade of convincing branding to make sure they aren’t being conned into clicking on a bogus link”.

This common tactic was seen earlier this year after cybercriminals posted several listings on eBay containing malicious JavaScript code, which rerouted affected users to a replica of the site’s welcome page. The victims were then prompted to provide their log-in credentials and passwords.

Apart from the compromise of personal information, these scams often lead to various other malware infections—an even greater risk for users connected to enterprise networks. Nearly a quarter of the survey respondents revealed they planned to do some holiday shopping while at work, and cybercriminals are well-aware of this opportunity.

Or maybe you’re not the one doing the shopping. Do your customers use your site for payment options? If so, protect yourself, your clients, and your webpage by ensuring you have heightened network security on your systems this holiday season. Call MTI today, and schedule a time with us to set up, maintain, or enhance your network security settings.

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