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September’s Letter from the Editor…

Sep 23, 2015

Have you seen these storms lately? We are currently right in the thick of monsoon season, and a properly-maintained UPS is not only important, but paramount in this season to make sure your data is safe! Last month, we introduced what a UPS was—an uninterruptible power supply. It is an extremely important tool to have when managing your network in the event of a power outage. And to stress the importance of them this time of year, I have dedicated this entire month’s newsletter to explaining how to maintain your UPS.

With the unexpected weather that comes with monsoon season, we have to be sure that we are ready to save our data in the event of an emergency. Granted, computer data may seem miniscule during an infamous Arizona dust or monsoon storm when you’re worried about whether or not your family is safe, but to some, their computer data envelopes everything that is their existence. This may be true for individual PC users, small business owners, or even enterprise company managers. Let’s face it; we put a lot of data and trust into our computers. What would we do if all of that information were to vanish at the hands of a mean storm? Our worlds wouldn’t end, but they would definitely stop for a moment or two.

This is where a UPS comes in handy. Before I started my journey here at MTI, I had never even heard of a UPS. Every time it came up, my mind went straight to smiling men in brown shorts asking for a signature for the package they were holding. But then we had a power outage. I was amazed at how calm everyone in our office remained. I thought, “we’re an IT company and we don’t have any power. This is the worst of worst scenarios that can happen”. But because of the confidence our office had in our UPSs, we were able to get up and running in no time without any sore spots. UPSs can be tremendous life-savers when it comes to your business and the data you have stored on your networks. They are highly recommended and testifiably beneficial.

And the best part is, we can help you! Call MTI today, and we can quote you and your system for the UPS that is right for you. And we can also help you maintain it!

“One of the most feared expressions in modern times is ‘the computer is down’. ” -Norman Ralph Augustine

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