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What is the “S” for in “HTTPS”?-Stay Safe When Using the Internet This Time of Year

Dec 23, 2015

HTTPSAnyone who’s ever used the internet to navigate to a web page will most likely recognize the code “http” or “https” in front of their desired web page’s name. But how many of us actually know what this means? I myself had to Google it, and Google reveals that HTTPS stands for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure”, which is the secured edition of HTTP. HTTP is a protocol used to send data between your browser and the site you are connecting to. The “s” in “HTTPS” is for “secure”. This ensures that any and all communication between your browser and site are encrypted, for extra security.

When using “HTTPS”, the computers interacting with each other agree on a “code” between them, and they scramble the messages using the “code” so no one else in between the interaction, or outside of the interaction, can read the messages. This keeps information safe from hackers and possible security threats. It is always safer to use websites with “HTTPS” security to insure that no private or confidential information is shared with unauthorized people.

It is important to always use the most security possible when on your network, especially if you share or obtain knowledge that is pertinent to people’s confidentiality or their personal information. We here at MTI can help you to be sure that all information passed along in your network is secure, for your safety, as well as for the safety of those you interact with on your network. Give us a call today, and we can determine if your security is up to date, substantial, and performing it to the best of your abilities. MTI is here to take preventative action to ensure you and your network are protected, at all costs.

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