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Traveling Tips for Your Smart Devices

Dec 23, 2015

Traveling SmartLike most people during the holidays, you will probably travel at one point this season. If you’re anything like the folks over here at MTI, you will take your work with you when you travel, keeping work access as close as just a few clicks. To help keep you and your data safe with you during this holiday season, we’ve come up with a list of a few tips to keep in mind when traveling with your laptops, tablets, and other smart devices.

Encrypting Information

When using your portable devices, it is strongly suggested that your portable devices be encrypted. Encrypted files and data are referred to “ciphered”, in that you must have access to a key or password that enables you to decrypt the information, making sure the information is only accessible to those of whom the data was intended for. This is extremely important during travel, when your only option for internet connection is through public networks. There is a great threat from other users in or outside of the network that can capture login credentials and other personal information. Having your data and devices encrypted will make your data unreadable and unusable to people who don’t have the tools to unlock them.

Anti-Virus Software

The team here at MTI cannot stress how important anti-virus software is. It should be installed on all relevant devices, and should be updated regularly. Once a virus hits, depending on its size and severity, it can take weeks, sometimes even months, to be completely removed. Taking preventative action and being sure your devices are protected is what’s best for you, your system, and your data.

Lock Your Devices

We are at an interesting age in technology, where innovative ways to lock devices are popping up every day. Keeping a password protector on your devices will keep unauthorized users and other hackers or thieves from gaining access to your devices and your data.

Only Connect to Encrypted Networks

When in public places, be sure to connect only to wireless networks that are encrypted. Encrypted networks require a password to access your wireless network. Encryption is important, as it keeps away potential threats from hackers and/or viruses. Encrypted networks insure that you are safe to use the network, and lessen your possible contact with security threats to upload, store, or share personal or confidential information, as we do in online shopping.

It is important that you keep your self protected, especially during the holiday season, as websites and networks are vulnerable, due to high traffic and personal information being shared (i.e. credit card information). If you’re worried about your network’s security this holiday season, give our team a call, and we will get you prepared for any potential attacks!



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